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Watch Leopard Scales Tree With 80-Pound Prey In Seconds

leopard easily scales tree

This leopard easily scales a tree with its 80-pound prey like it’s nothing. Meanwhile, we humans find it daunting to bring more than one grocery bag inside.

leopard easily scales tree
Image by WildFreeDorian via YouTube

Living in the wild is a tough life. Here survival is the only rule. A successful hunt can be the difference between life and death. By swiftly climbing a tree with its heavy prey, this leopard shows us its strength and hunting skills – both crucial for surviving.

Now it’s time to investigate the leopard and its survival skills a little bit closer!

Unparalleled Strength

Imagine the effort it takes to carry bags of groceries inside. Now, imagine having to climb a tree with a 77-pound impala in your jaws. This video especially captures the leopard’s strength, but also its survival instinct.

The leopard’s climbing abilities surpasses the physical capabilities of most humans, and highlights the raw power found in nature.

Leopard Scales Tree With Prey: The Video

YouTube video
“Leopard Taking Its Kill Into a Tree Before a Hyena Gets To It”, Source: YouTube, Uploaded: Wild and Free with Dorian

In the uncertain environment of the wild, danger can emerge from one second to the other. This means that survival often depends on lightning-fast reactions.

The leopard wasn’t only escaping the hyena. More importantly, it was protecting its hard-earned meal. The agility and speed shown as it climbs up the tree leave us nothing but astounded.

Clearly, the leopard was very aware of its surroundings. It knows that it has to be ready to escape with its catch at any second.

Hyenas and Leopards: A Complicated Relationship

Leopards and hyenas have a complicated relationship with one another, to say the least. You might call them frenemies. Being predators, they hunt for the same prey which leads to fighting over the same meal and territorial disputes.

Hyenas are scavengers and are not above stealing a leopard’s hard-earned kill. Often, they make use of their numbers to overpower the leopard, which hunts alone. To avoid having their meal snatched, the leopard usually brings its prey far up in the tree tops to protect it from hyena raids.

The Strategy of Avoidance

Bird Tricks Leopard
Image of Leopard via Pexels

Even though the leopard is probably stronger than the hyena, it decided to play it safe and avoid confrontation.

This choice underlines the leopard’s intelligence. Engaging with the hyena could have caused injury and maybe losing its meal. In other words, the leopard can weigh risks and rewards.

Leopard Scales Tree: Conclusion

If you ever doubted how strong a leopard is, this video has surely convinced you. Making the quick decision to flee instead of fighting also underlines the leopard’s strategic thinking.

Thank you for reading this article about the leopard that easily scales a tree with an 80-pound Impala!

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