South America

Wildlife in Chile

Chile, no not the hot spice, the country, is known for incredible landscapes and for being situated on the west cost of South America. This beautiful country has many beautiful hidden treasures, and I am going to discuss a few of their very special wildlife species. Animals that are found in Chile’s landscapes include: GuanacosVicunasArmadillosPatagonian...
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Best Places to see Sloths

Welcome to the Best Places to see Sloths. Have you ever wondered if you could see sloths in the wild? Sloths—the adorable and lethargic animals living in treetops—depend on the health and survival of Central and South American tropical forests. They spend much of their lives in the canopy, snoozing and remaining hidden from predators....
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amazon animal caiman

Animals of the Amazon

No other place on Earth showcases the diversity of life like the Amazon. The Amazon is a vast region that spans across eight countries, is home to one in ten of all the known animals on earth and contains the largest river basin on the planet. Spanning an area twice the size of India the...
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alpaca close up

Visit Alpacas in South America

Alpacas in South America: 2020 has challenged plans for travel and animal encounters, but slowly we are emerging beyond a horizon of the corona virus and what better time than now to start planning your dream animal encounters around the globe. You can start with a visit to the South American Andean regions that are...
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