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Watch: Fisherman Almost Becomes Bait for Great White Shark in California

Great white shark approaches fisherman floating in the water.
Great white shark approaches fisherman floating in the water. Image by TheMalibuArtist via YouTube

Watch this close encounter between a fisherman and a great white shark.

Heart-stopping Moment for a Fisherman

Great White Shark.
Great White Shark Swimming close to the ocean surface. Image by Oleksandr Sushko via Unsplash

Two fishermen take advantage of a beautiful day out on the ocean. One fisherman decides to get into the water and float around to escape the heat. A drone pilot who had been keeping track of some of the great white sharks in the area realizes the fisherman is in danger. A great white shark is approaching the unaware fisherman in the water.

The drone operator could see the shark approaching the man in the water. He moved the drone closer to the boat and started moving up and down where the shark was to try to warn the fisherman to get out of the water.

The fisherman realized the drone pilot was trying to warn them. He urgently leaped back onto the boat and narrowly escaped a great white shark.

Great White Sharks in California

Great white shark moving towards fisherman
Great white shark moving towards fisherman. Image by TheMalibuArtist via YouTube

The waters off the coast of California are home to a diverse marine ecosystem. These apex predators play a crucial role in maintaining the balance of the ocean’s food chain. I believe a healthy amount of fear for great white sharks is valid. They are the apex predators of the ocean. We need to respect great white sharks and the environment in which they live.

Understanding and Respecting Great White Sharks

Great white shark
Great white shark. By Elias Levy – Great White Shark, CC BY 2.0,

Great white sharks are not mindless killers. They are intelligent and curious animals. They usually approach boats, surfers, and swimmers out of curiosity rather than aggression.

Conservation efforts aim to protect great white sharks which face overfishing, habitat loss, and climate change threats. Researchers hope to mitigate human-shark conflicts and ensure the survival of this species for generations to come.

Safety Tips for Ocean Enthusiasts

Great white shark smiling
Great white shark smiling. By Hermanus Backpackers – Great White Shark Cage Diving, CC BY 2.0,

For those who swim in California, it is essential to remain aware and enter with caution. Here are a few safety tips:

  • Always stay in groups, as sharks are more likely to approach solitary individuals.
  • Avoid being in the water when sharks are most active during dawn and dusk.
  • Be cautious when swimming near seal colonies, a favorite prey of great white sharks.
  • If you encounter a shark, remain calm and slowly back away without making sudden movements.

The Importance of Sharing the Ocean

Great white shark at Isla Guadalupe, Mexico.
Great white shark at Isla Guadalupe, Mexico. By Terry Goss, CC BY 2.5,

Fostering a deeper understanding of sharks and their behavior can minimize fear and promote coexistence in our planet’s vast oceans.

YouTube video
Extremely close encounter with a great white shark. By The Malibu Artist via YouTube

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