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Watch: Cow Escapes Slaughterhouse & Survives Winter with Wild Deer

Cow escapes slaughterhouse and survives winter with wild deer
Screenshot from: ow Who Escaped Farm Survives Winter With Wild Deer. Source: Youtube, Uploaded: The Dodo

In the video, we hear the story of how a cow named Bonnie came to the Farm Sanctuary after she escaped being slaughtered. Join us in exploring this heartwarming story of Bonnie’s rescue. 

Bonnie’s Escape

Image of a cow via Pexels

Bonnie the cow was from a local farm and as they were herding the cows together to go to the slaughterhouse, she took her chance to escape. She ran as far as she could to get away. People noticed her on their property, although she was very evasive when they approached. 

Bonnie’s Relationship with the Deer

White-tailed deer. Image via depositphotos.

Bonnie was understandably afraid of people and lived in the wild for quite a while. During her running-free period, she befriended some deer, who accepted her and gave her the companionship she needed. The deer understood that Bonnie was distressed and lonely and they took her in as one of their own. 

The Rescue Mission

Her rescuers wanted to help Bonnie, but they knew it would be tricky to catch and bring her to safety. So they patiently waited for Bonnie to come and eat some of the grains they put out for her. Once she finally ate some of the grains they urged her into their trailer and took her to the Farm Sanctuary. This moment brought tears of joy to her rescuers as the anticipation of helping her get to safety was laying heavy on their hearts. 

Bonnie’s Recovery

Bonnie was understandably scared of people and wouldn’t let anyone come close to her for a long while. She slowly warmed up to her rescuers and started to understand that they cared for her and wanted her to be happy. It was a big moment when she finally allowed one of her rescuers to pet her, showing that they had gained Bonnie’s trust. Patience and perseverance are some words that come to mind! 

The Video

YouTube video
Cow Who Escaped Farm Survives Winter With Wild Deer. Source: Youtube, Uploaded: The Dodo

Last Say On Bonnie The Cow’s Big Escape

In the video we see Bonnie frolicking around carefree and at home. A massive change in her demeanor compared to the first snippets of the videos. Warming all of our hearts by showing just how big of a difference a little love and care can make in any animal’s life! 

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