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Watch Fisherman Being Chased by Alligator

fisherman chased by alligator
Image by @Python Johnson via Youtube

Fishing is meant to be a relaxing activity. It should give you a peaceful moment to simply enjoy nature. That was not the experience of this fisherman – understandably so, it’s kind of difficult to relax if you are chased by an alligator.

How Fast Are Alligators?

Alligators are not just powerful predators; they are also surprisingly fast. On land, an alligator can reach speeds up to 11 miles per hour over short distances. However, it’s in the water where they truly excel. Here, they can swim as fast as 20 miles per hour!

So while this fisherman probably saw his life flash before his eyes, he’s lucky to not have come eye to eye with the alligator in water.

Do Alligators See Humans as Prey?

American Alligator. Image by Donald W DeLoach Jr, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Generally, alligators do not view humans as prey. They prefer to hunt smaller animals that they know they can easily overpower.

But, alligators are opportunistic feeders after all – so if they see something that looks snack-worthy, chances are they’ll take a chance. If you know you’re in an alligator-infested area (and especially if you’re fishing) keep a look out at all times.

Did You Know Alligators Are the Loudest Reptiles in the World?

The lion is iconically known for its roar, but few people know that the alligator is the world’s loudest reptile. 

They can produce a bellow that reaches up to 90 decibels! For comparison, a human screaming at the top of its lungs measures around 70 decibels.

When they scream like this, it’s to attract mates or establish territory.

While Meat Is Their Fave, They Also Snack on Fruit

While we usually associate alligators with their ferocious and powerful jaws, their diet includes more than meat. 

It’s true that meat is their favorite food but they also much on fruit and berries from time to time. This behavior is not just incidental; it plays a role in their ecosystem by helping to disperse seeds. 

YouTube video
“Chased by Big Alligator!”, Source: Youtube, Uploaded: Python Johnson

Fisherman Chased by Alligator: Conclusion

I’m not too intrigued by fishing to begin with, but this frightening footage makes me even more weary of it. While we can conclude that alligators are definitely astounding animals, I’d much rather admire them from a distance (a very, very long distance.)

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