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Watch: Is This a Mountain Lion On Live TV?

mountain lion on live TV

Anything can happen on live TV – this news anchor was just inches away from a mountain lion (in other words, just inches away from a potentially lethal attack.) Or was she? In the moment she assumes it’s a dog, but let’s find out more.

The Video: Mountain Lion or Dog on Live TV?

YouTube video

The video in question shows a news anchor reporting on the latest news following a flood in Utah. Unexpectedly, a large, tawny creature strolls into the frame, stealing the spotlight. The reporter announces that it thinks it’s a dog, but remains unsure and says “Anyway, there’s some sort of creature below me.”

Although us viewers can only see the creature from behind, it looks suspiciously similar to a mountain lion – meaning that the reporter was unknowingly in a life threatening situation.

How Dangerous Are Mountain Lions?


Mountain lions, also known as cougars, are apex predators known for their strength and agility. These majestic creatures, equipped with powerful limbs, sharp claws, and keen senses, are expert hunters capable of taking down large prey such as deer.

While they typically avoid human interaction, their natural predatory instincts can pose a risk in rare encounters. In North America, attacks on humans are uncommon, but awareness and respect for their capabilities are essential.

Tips On How To Make It Out Alive When Encountering a Mountain Lion

If you ever find yourself face-to-face with a mountain lion, it’s essential to stay calm and not run, as this may trigger a chase response. Make yourself appear larger by raising your arms or opening your jacket, and speak firmly in a loud voice. Back away slowly, maintaining eye contact, and give the animal space to leave.

If the lion behaves aggressively, fight back with rocks, sticks, or bare hands, aiming for the face and eyes.

Utah’s Mountain Lions

mountain lion

Utah, the setting of this intriguing video, is home to a healthy population of mountain lions. These solitary creatures roam the mountainous and desert landscapes, playing a crucial role in maintaining the balance of the ecosystem. Encounters in urban areas, though rare, remind us of the importance of coexisting with wildlife.

The Debate That Ensued

Following the video’s release, internet users and wildlife experts engaged in a heated debate. Was the animal a dog or a mountain lion? Opinions varied, with some pointing to the creature’s feline characteristics, while others argued that a mountain lion would never get so close to a human and was therefore clearly a dog.

Canine Confirmation: Investigating the Paw Prints

mountain lion on live TV
©MorganSaxtonTV – Twitter

To settle the debate, wildlife experts examined paw prints left at the scene. The distinct shape and size of the tracks provided the much-needed answer: the creature was not a mountain lion.

Although the area is known to be ripe with mountain lions, an analysation of the paw prints at the scene led them to conclude that there was a 99% chance that it had been a dog that stole the spotlight.

Mountain Lion on Live TV: Conclusion

mountain lion
Adult mountain lion perched on a ridge

The unexpected appearance of a maybe-mountain lion during a live TV broadcast serves as a reminder of the proximity of predators in our everyday life. Although it was settled that the animal featuring in the broadcast was in all likelihood a dog, it’s not that far-fetched that it could’ve been a mountain lion.

Thank you for reading this article about the (maybe) mountain lion featuring on a live TV! For more incidents involving these stealthy felines, take a look here:

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