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Watch: The Bond Between a Wild Baby Bison and Her Rescuer

American Bison calf
American Buffalo calf Image by wollertz via Depositphotos

A baby orphaned bison gains a new lease on life with the help of her rescuer. This story highlights the beautiful bonds that can develop between humans and wild animals. It is important to respect wild animals, and this article does not encourage the attempted domestication of wild animals.

Buffalo bison calf on green pasture
Buffalo bison calf on green pasture Image by krisrobin via Depositphotos

The Difficult Start

Initially, the orphaned wild bison was hesitant to accept care from the rescuer. She charged the rescuer out of fear whenever she attempted to feed her. However, the rescuer was patient and continuously tried to win the bison’s trust. Bison rely on their mother’s milk, and without this source of nutrition, they usually die of malnutrition. The bison eventually allowed the rescuer to feed her.

YouTube video
“Baby Bison Follows Her Rescuer Everywhere”, Source: Youtube, Uploaded: “The Dodo”

Growing Bonds

As the bison grew comfortable, their bond strengthened. She began accompanying her rescuer on all adventures, including camping trips. The family trips included horses and a dog named Johnny, whom the bison seemed particularly fond of. This oddly matched family found companionship in each other’s presence.

A Bison is a Wild Animal

Big old bison in nature.
Big old bison in nature. Image by fotoluxstudio via Depositphotos

Despite the beautiful bond created between the bison and her rescuer, the rescuer remains cautious. Bison are wild animals, and respecting their wild nature is essential.

Facts about Bison

  • Bison are North America’s largest mammals.
  • They are crucial in maintaining North America’s grasslands, especially those in Yellowstone National Park.
  • Bison were nearly extinction in the 19th century due to hunting. However, through conservation efforts, their populations have recovered.
  • They are adapted to survive harsh North American winters.
  • There are two extant species of Bison; the American Bison and the European Bison.

Conservation Challenges

Although bison populations have recovered, they are still susceptible to a variety of human-induced challenges. As migratory animals, bison need a lot of land to migrate as they naturally would. However, urban expansion has led to a significant reduction in their grassland ecosystems. Disease carried by livestock also threatens bison populations. The disease brucellosis infects a wide range of animals, including bison.

Conclusion: Wild Bison

While we acknowledge the beauty of this unique relationship between bison and rescue, we discourage the attempted domestication of wild animals.

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