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Worried Elephant Asks Zoo Keepers For Help with Her Baby

elephant asks zoo keeper for help

We all know how a really good nap can knock us out! This baby elephant napped so hard that its mom started to panic and had to ask zoo keepers for help. Other than being incredibly relatable to fellow nap-lovers, it also shows the trust this huge animal has for her carers.

Are Elephants Heavy Sleepers?

elephant asks zoo keeper for help
©DDLJ – YouTube

Despite their massive size, elephants are surprisingly light sleepers. Research indicates that adult elephants in the wild sleep only for two hours a night, the least of any mammal. This light sleeping pattern is thought to be an evolutionary adaptation, allowing them to stay alert to potential threats.

Sleeping Habits: Wild Elephants Vs. Captive Elephants

Elephants in the wild and those in captivity exhibit different sleeping habits. Wild elephants, always vigilant, sleep less and mostly standing up to quickly escape danger.

Captive elephants, on the other hand, enjoy the safety of their environment and often sleep lying down. The baby elephant in the video, seemingly completely passed out on the ground, is a testament to the security provided by the zoo.

Elephant Asks Zoo Keepers For Help: The Video

YouTube video

The video shows the mama elephant trying to wake up its baby but to no avail. This baby’s in deep sleep! The footage shows the baby breathing, so we know it’s just snoozing – but the mama elephant is getting clearly panicked.

Not knowing what else to do, the mama elephant approaches the zoo workers to ask them for help. To the mom’s huge relief, the baby elephant wakes up after being poked a good few times by the zoo worker.

The baby elephant stands up, completely dazed after its hard nap, and the mama elephant lets out a sigh of relief.

A Display of the Mama Elephant’s Trust in the Zoo Workers

The mama elephant’s decision to approach the zoo workers highlights her trust in humans, an extraordinary aspect of elephant intelligence and adaptability. This interaction underlines the strong bond formed between these magnificent creatures and their human caretakers.

Do Elephants Sleep Standing Up?

While it’s a common belief that elephants only sleep standing up, they can and do sleep lying down, especially when they feel safe.

Adult elephants in the wild often take quick naps standing up, but they will lie down for deeper sleep if they feel secure. This behavior is more frequently observed in captive environments, as seen with the snoozing baby elephant in the video.

Elephant Asks Zoo Keepers For Help: Wrapping Up

This napping incident is both hilarious and touching. Baby elephants are unbelievably cute when they do anything, but especially so when they’ve just woken up from a nap. Beyond that though, it’s a beautiful sight to see the faith the mother elephant has in the zoo keepers caring for her. The act of asking for help is likewise an impressive proof of these giants’ intelligence.

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