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Baby Lion Cubs Carried Across River by Mother Lion

baby cubs being carried across river
Image by Joe Andrews via YouTube

Before lions grow up to be roaring and strategic hunters, they all get cared for by their mama who teaches them the rules of this tricky life. These baby lion cubs being carried across the river are learning one of many lessons to come.

How Long Do Lion Cubs Stay with Mama For?

Two lion cubs lie in long grass.
Two lion cubs lie in long grass. Image by nicholas_dale via Depositphotos

Lion cubs stay close to their mamas for a relatively long time compared to some other species. They remain at her side for about two years. During this time, they are taught essential survival skills such as hunting and defending themselves.

The mother’s presence is crucial as cubs are incredibly vulnerable to predators and even male lions from their own pack, who may see them as competition.

Incredible Safari-Footage: Baby Lion Cubs Carried Across River

YouTube video
“Lioness and cubs water crossing”, Source: YouTube, Uploaded: Joe Andrews

A mother lion is seen bringing two of her cubs across a river. She holds one in her mouth while its sibling has to do its best to swim next to her. Just like human mothers this lioness seems to know that some siblings need some extra help.

The Dangers Could Be Lurking Under the River’s Surface

Lion Cub gets Affection
Lion cub and lioness captured by @markboydsafaris via Instagram

While the footage shows a beautiful scene with peaceful-looking water, crossing a river always involves a potential death risk. 

Strong currents and deep waters pose a potentially lethal threat, and so do crocodiles (who are experts at camouflage) could pop up at any second. The mother lion must constantly be alert and ready to defend her cubs from these unseen dangers.

When Do Lions Learn How To Swim?

Image of a lion cub via Pexels

Lions are not naturally inclined swimmers, but they can learn to handle water if necessary.

By the age of around six months, they start following their mother through various terrains, including crossing rivers or streams. When they do, they don’t have much choice and simply have to learn how to swim if they want to continue at their mother’s side. 

Sometimes, nature will force you to learn some hard lessons!

Conclusion: Lion Cubs Carried Across River

lion cub
Lions are apex predators, capable of hunting large prey such as zebras, wildebeests, and buffalo. Image via Pexels

When you’re just a little lion cub, every day is filled with lessons to learn about life on the savannah. Crossing a river might seem like a tiny thing, but in a cub’s life it’s huge.

Thank you for reading this article about the lion cubs who are carried across a river by their mama! For more lion things, you should take a peek here:

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