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Man Saves Pelican Choking on Fish at the Last Second

man saves pelican
Image by We Love Animals via YouTube

Pelicans have an iconic way of feeding and almost always swallow their food whole. Sounds pretty time-efficient, right? But also dangerous: watch how this man saves a pelican choking on his lunch.

Discovering the Bird in Need

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Image by Birger Strahl via Unsplash

A family is enjoying a lovely day on their boat when they spot a pelican that isn’t having a lovely day at all. They see how the pelican suspiciously floats in the water, barely moving at all. It’s when they see the massive fish stuck in its mouth that it all makes sense.

Dad Steps In and Makes a Strange discovery

The dad gets a hold of the bird in need – initially, the pelican is hesitant, but at this point, it has very little energy left to fight back. Despite pulling and pulling at the fish stuck in its beak it won’t budge – we’re all holding our breath because we know that for every second that passes the pelican is quickly running out of breaths.

This is when the dad makes a strange discovery – the fish stuck in the pelican’s throat as a fish hook attached to it!

He manages to pull the hook out, saving both the pelican and the fish in one go.

The Video: Man Saves Pelican

YouTube video
“Man Saves Pelican Choking on Fish”, Source: YouTube, Uploaded: WeLoveAnimals

A Pelican’s Iconic Way of Feeding

Image by Zdenek Machacek via Unsplash

Pelicans are famous for their distinct feeding technique. Using their expansive throat pouches (which can hold up to three gallons of water!) they scoop up fish along with large amounts of water.

After catching their prey, they drain the water by tipping their bills down before swallowing the fish whole.

This is definitely an effective way of feeding – but scooping up more than they can swallow can quickly become dangerous. 

Man Saves Pelican: Wrapping Up

Scooping up more than we can swallow can happen to the best of us! Lucky for both the fish and the pelican, this heroic dad could step in and save them both.

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