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Pet Kangaroo Stuck Inside Florida Apartment Complex

kangaroo stuck inside Florida complex
The kangaroo after having been rescued by local wildlife authorities. Image by the HCSO Aviation Unit

On a quiet morning in Tampa, Florida, residents of a local apartment complex reported an unusual issue: a kangaroo was found hopping around the enclosed pool area.

Security footage showed the animal making its way around, unsuccessfully trying to find a way to escape. The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office and local wildlife rescuers were called to the scene to secure and safely remove the kangaroo.

Although Florida residents are used to wildlife sightings, especially alligators and snakes, this occurrence was especially shocking.

An Unusual Pet on the Loose

This kangaroo on the loose was, in fact, someone’s pet, having escaped from its nearby home. After the surprising discovery and subsequent rescue operation, the kangaroo was safely returned to its owner once ownership had been proven with the correct documents.

Aerial shot of a beach in Florida. Image via Pixabay

In the United States, the legality of keeping kangaroos as pets varies by state, with Florida allowing it under specific regulations.

Owners must obtain permits and prove they can provide the appropriate care and environment for these unique animals. Despite the legal allowance, experts caution against keeping wild animals as pets. This is so because of their complex needs and the challenges of providing an environment that mirrors their natural habitat.

Potential Dangers of Roaming Kangaroos

A kangaroo loose in an urban area is not just a danger to itself but also poses risks to the public. Kangaroos are powerful animals capable of causing injury with their strong legs and sharp claws. Furthermore, the stress of being in an unfamiliar environment can lead to unpredictable behavior, making them more dangerous.

Incidents like this one raise concerns about the safety of both the animals and the residents in communities where exotic pets are kept.

Can Kangaroos Swim?

Image by Ethan Brooke via Pexels

Contrary to what some might think, kangaroos are quite capable swimmers, using their powerful hind legs to propel themselves through water. However, the presence of a pool in the area where the kangaroo was trapped posed a significant drowning risk, especially if the animal had panicked or struggled to find its way out.

While kangaroos can swim, an enclosed pool area is far from a safe or natural environment for these animals to find themselves in.

Kangaroo Stuck Inside Florida Complex: Wrapping Up

Although this story had a happy ending and no one was harmed, neither human nor kangaroo, it does prompt a reflection on the legal, ethical, and safety considerations about keeping exotic pets.

Do you think it should be legal to own kangaroos?

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