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Watch: Meet The Cat That Hates Everyone

Watch: Meet The Cat That Hates Everyone
Meet The Cat That Hates Everyone. Image by The Dodo via YouTube

If you thought you were having a bad week, meet this kitty who doesn’t approve of anyones affection! Join us as we learn about cats and their behaviours. Specifically the ginger ones!

In the video above, this beloved cat gets taken on walks, not having any of it with passing passengers who want to show some love. The owner claims “My cats hates everyone”, she further remarks “she hates humans, children, other animals, and she hates me!. Her owner will be in the same room as the ginger ninja and get attacked with kung fu moves!

Let’s explore why cats can act like this, or is it just a personality trait?

Behavioral Traits

Ginger cat
Ginger cat. By Seregraf via DepositPhotos

All cats can show aggression towards humans due to various reasons. These may have come from their innate instincts, past experiences, or environmental stressors. Cats are territorial animals. These furry felines can act aggressively to defend their territory. Or may be in response to perceived threats.

Socialization & Upbringing

Cat love
Cat love. By Maria1701 via DepositPhotos

The early socialization period is important for cats (just like dogs!) to learn appropriate behavior around humans. If ginger cats have not been properly socialized during kittenhood, they can develop fear towards people. Sometimes it may just be a personality trait. Negative interactions with humans can shape a cat’s behavior and lead to aggression.

Individual Temperament

Beautiful Ginger Cat.
Beautiful Ginger Cat. By Stylish_Pics via DepositPhotos

Each cat has its own unique personality, regardless of its fur color. Some ginger cats may naturally be more assertive or even independent. This could contribute to displays of aggression towards humans. Respecting a cat’s individual temperament is important for fostering a positive relationship.

Medical Issues

coats of cats and their personality
Image by luckybusiness via Depositphotos

Aggression towards humans can sometimes be a sign of underlying medical problems in cats. Pain, discomfort, or neurological issues can cause a cat to be aggressive. Get a thorough veterinary examination if a cat’s behavior towards humans suddenly changes or becomes concerning.

Wrap Up

Stray cats by bin.
Stray cats by bin. By vicspacewalker via Depositphotos

Overall, this article is based off most cats aggressive behaviors, and is not directed at the life of the cat in the video. This ginger kitty might just have a specific personality trait. So there you have it. Just like humans, a cats upbringing and having a personality can be just like humans!

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