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Animals That Might Not Survive 2024

the most endangered animals 2023

Year by year, our planet witnesses a disheartening decline in biodiversity, bringing numerous animal species dangerously close to the brink of extinction. This post aims to shed light on a few endangered animals whose survival hangs in the balance, and we’ll explore whether they will still be with us by the end of 2024.

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As we come into a new year, we all get a fresh start and a chance to change and turn things around. One area in which we all need to improve is how well we take care of our planet. This is an issue that becomes even more and more pressing with each year as earth’s biodiversity steadily declines. Despite being an issue that’s been on the agenda for decades, it is not being attended to with the urgency it requires. Maybe this is the year that we finally give mother nature the love and care that she needs.

Numerous animal species are currently in highly precarious positions, having been on the brink of extinction for a long time. Without a proper response to this crisis, because yes it is indeed a crisis, there are many animals that might not survive to see the next New Year’s Eve.

Join us as we delve into the plight of ten endangered animals that may not see 2024. One of the primary hurdles is the world’s failure to fully grasp the gravity of this situation. These lesser-known species face a unique challenge in gaining the attention they deserve due to their lack of popularity, making it difficult for people to comprehend the imminent threat to their existence. From habitat degradation to rampant poaching, an array of human-induced factors has driven these creatures perilously close to extinction.

In our collective effort to safeguard these magnificent animals, we present a list of species urgently in need of our attention, as their survival beyond 2024 hangs in the balance. Let’s now explore some of the most critically endangered animals in 2024, shall we?

1. Tiger

tiger the most endangered animals 2023
Tiger via Unsplash

The Bengal tiger, Indochinese tiger, Sumatran tiger, Siberian tiger, and Malayan tiger—all find themselves on the endangered animals list. Yet, the Malayan and Sumatran tiger subspecies have even graver status, having reached the critical endangered level.

Shockingly, the global wild tiger population dwindles to a mere 3,500 individuals, and with the persistent peril to their habitats, the survival of these majestic creatures hangs by a thread, making their presence beyond 2024 uncertain.

2. Orangutan

orangutan the most endangered animals 2023
Orangutan via Unsplash

Turning our attention to orangutans, a dire situation unfolds as they teeter on the brink of extinction. Among these remarkable creatures, the Bornean and Sumatran subspecies bear the brunt of this crisis. Shockingly, the Bornean orangutan population hovers at just slightly above 100,000, while the Sumatran orangutans are even more perilously few, numbering a mere 7,000.

The primary driver of this alarming decline is the degradation of their forest habitats, primarily fueled by the relentless pursuit of palm oil.

3. Leatherback Turtle

leatherback turtle
Turtle via Unsplash

Indeed, the name of these magnificent creatures is derived from their distinctive shell. The leatherback sea turtles are not only massive but also boast shells with a unique, leather-like texture. Adding to their intrigue, these four-legged sea turtles are renowned for their migratory tendencies, traversing the vast expanses of the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian oceans.

Unfortunately, the leatherback turtle population faces a grim reality. The peril of bycatch fishing and the distressing loss of their precious eggs have inflicted severe blows on their numbers, contributing to a significant decline in their population.

4. Addax

Addax via Pixabay

In this paragraph, we talk about the critically endangered white antelope.The addax, native to the Niger region, faces a dire situation. This family of grazers has garnered a critical endangered status, with a dwindling population of fewer than 100 individuals, as recognized by the IUCN. Tragically, human activities, including oil exploration and unauthorized hunting, have played a substantial role in driving the decline of the addax population.

5. Vaquita

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We dive into the seas for our next endangered club member. In case you’ve never heard of a Vaquita, it’s the smallest member of the cetacean family (which also includes the whale, dolphin, and porpoise). These finned swimmers make their homes in the northern Gulf of California.
The primary reason for their decline is illegal fishing. Because of illegal fishing, these little cows, as scientists commonly call them, are caught in nets and die. What’s more, only 10 of these marine animals remain.

6. Javan Rhinoceros

javan rhino
javan rhino via shutterstock

Next on our list of critically endangered animals is the subspecies of rhinos called Javan rhinos. The population of the Javan Rhinos has also been reduced to a terrifyingly small number. As a matter of fact, there are only 67 of these beauties left. Also, these rhinos are secluded. As a result, the rhinos live in a park on the southwestern tip of the island of java.

7. Mountain Gorilla

mountain gorilla
Simbi Yvan (Unsplash)

The mountain gorilla is a species of the large primates family found in African regions. Members of this family have been victims of constant poaching and habitat loss. In addition, mountain gorillas are susceptible to diseases which account for the drastic fall in their numbers.
Because of these factors, only hundreds of mountain gorillas remain in the world.

8. Amur Leopard

amur leopard
Amur Leopard via Unsplash

The Amur leopard, hailing from the far eastern reaches of our planet, faces an ominous future. These wildcats are in danger of not making it past 2024, primarily due to relentless poaching driven by commercial interests. Furthermore, the combination of a restricted food supply and the persistent threat of poaching has compounded the decline of the Amur leopard population. As we step into the new year, it is disheartening to note that as few as 40 of these majestic Russian cats remain in the wild.

9. Irrawaddy Dolphin

Von Foto: Stefan Brending, Lizenz: Creative Commons by-sa-3.0 de, CC BY-SA 3.0 de,

Next, we talk about another family of dolphins. Unlike most dolphins, they do not possess streamlined bodies or beaks. Instead, they have blunt snouts and rounded foreheads. Also, these sea creatures can thrive in both fresh and saltwater habitats. However, despite their dual habitat nature, the Irrawaddy dolphins are still in danger of not surviving and one of the most endangered animals in 2024. With just over 80 of these dolphins left and the persistent bycatch fishing, Irrawaddy dolphins make the list of animals that urgently need our care.

10. Asian Elephant

asian elephant
Asian Elephant via Pixabay

It’s so easy to fall in love with elephants. Their human-like behaviors and emotions are very likable and make it even easier to empathize with them. Unfortunately, the Asian elephant subspecies may not be around for long. At the moment, there are less than 40,000 of these creatures in the wild. Because hunters poach these animals for their tusks and ivories, there’s an increased threat to their survival.

Lending a Hand to the Survival of These Animals

Tiger running in the snow, wild winter nature. Siberian Amur tiger, Panthera tigris altaica, wildlife scene with dangerous animal. Cold winter in taiga, Russia. White Snowflakes with wild cat via Depositphotos

Despite the drastic decline of the animals listed above, there’s still hope for their survival as we go into the new year with new energy. Efforts have been put in place to take their numbers back up. Take, for instance, acts such as building national parks and wildlife sanctuaries. Monitoring and protecting these precious creatures should be on everybody’s New Year’s resolutions list!

Thank you for reading article about some of the most endangered animals in the year 2024. However this is only the tip of the iceberg, increase your awareness even more and head over to read about the 19 Most Endangered Animals in Conneticut.

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