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Deer Tries To Climb Inside Car After Being Hit in New Jersey

deer tries to climb inside car
Image by @InsideEdition via YouTube

After hitting a deer on the highway, the driver, Ellen Sager, pulls over and opens her car door to check if the poor deer survived. Probably following the shock and commotion of the collision, the deer tries to get into the car with her.

Although not a predator, a deer could cause human harm in a confined space like a car. Consequently, Ellen had to use her foot to keep it from entering.

Tragically, it turned out that the deer didn’t survive this accident.

Statistics of Deer and Vehicle Collisions

Deer and vehicle collisions are a significant concern in the United States, resulting in thousands of accidents annually. These incidents not only pose a threat to human safety but also lead to substantial ecological and economic impacts.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety notes that deer collisions cause over $1 billion in vehicle damage each year. This is especially so during the deer mating season, highlighting the need for increased vigilance by drivers during certain times of the year.

How Fast Can Deer Run?

Image by Scott Carroll via Unsplash

Deer are known for their agility and speed, which can reach up to 30 miles per hour. This remarkable speed allows them to evade predators in a hot second.

Sadly, the same trait that allows them to escape predators also causes them to run into dangerous situations on highways. Although impressive, their swift movements can lead to dangerous situations for both the animals and motorists.

How High Can Deer Jump?

Deer are also adept at jumping, capable of clearing obstacles as high as 8 feet!

Again, this ability is crucial for escaping predators and navigating the rugged terrain, but also increases the chances of a vehicle collision. Fences designed to deter deer from entering certain areas must be constructed with these impressive jumping capabilities in mind.

New Jersey Boasts Tens of Thousands of Deer

New Jersey’s deer population is robust, with estimates placing it in the tens of thousands, a density that is reflective of the state’s varied habitats and wildlife management.

Compared to other states, New Jersey’s deer density is notably high, particularly given its smaller geographical size and significant urban development. States like Pennsylvania and Michigan, with their vast forested areas, also boast large deer populations but have more space to accommodate these animals.

In other words, deer-vehicle collisions are much more common in New Jersey.

Deer Tries To Climb Inside Car: Conclusion

deer in the forest
Image by Sharath G. via Pexels

Unfortunately, deer-vehicle collisions are not uncommon and poses a huge risk to animals and humans alike. Although you should always drive carefully, it might be a good idea to be extra vigilant during the deer mating season.

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