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Florida Alligator Easily Climbs Fence

alligator climbs fence

Alligators are one of the biggest reptilians out there, and you’d expect them to be rather ungraceful. This impressive sight proves us different though! A huge Florida alligator climbs a fence in a surprisingly nimble way – probably swifter and quicker than any human could.

alligator climbs fence
©WATE 6 On Your Side – YouTube

A Quick Reminder of Their Size

To realize just how impressive this alligator’s climbing abilities are – let’s remind ourselves of this reptilian’s significant size.

An average adult American alligator can measure up to 11 feet long and weigh nearly half a ton, comparable in length to a small car. Despite their immense size, they have the ability to scale vertical structures (and can even do so swiftly and gracefully!)

Imagine a creature as long as a sedan, effortlessly climbing a fence – a task challenging even for many humans.

Contrary to what many believe, alligators are not sluggish creatures. They possess a surprising burst of speed, especially on land.

When motivated, either by the prospect of food or the need for self-defense, alligators can reach astonishing speeds of up to 35 mph. This is significantly faster than their top speed in water, which is around 20 mph – a pace that outstrips even a bottlenose dolphin.

Watch: Florida Alligator Climbs Fence

YouTube video

The video question captures an alligator effortlessly scaling a chain-link fence. The fence, of a height that would pose a challenge to most adults, poses no obstacle to the reptile.

Using its powerful claws, the alligator grips the fence and then ascends with surprising agility and grace. This display is not just a testament to the alligator’s physical capabilities but also highlights their problem-solving skills and adaptability to different environments.

Are Florida Alligators a Problem?

In Florida, where alligators are a common sight, the question of them being a problem often arises. While alligators are an integral part of Florida’s ecosystem, their presence in close proximity to human habitats can lead to conflicts.

However, it’s important to remember that alligators naturally avoid humans, and attacks are rare.

Almost 200,000 Thousand Alligators Killed Since ’97

According to reports, nearly 200,000 alligators have been killed in Florida since 1997 under the state’s nuisance alligator program. This program aims to manage the alligator population and reduce conflicts with humans.

However, this manner of population control is highly critiqued. Getting a permit to kill alligators is much too easy, resulting in an excessive amount of death.

To me, it seems as if it’s trophy hunting masquerading as population control.

How to Alligator Proof Your Garden

For those living in areas where alligators are common, alligator-proofing your garden is essential. Simple measures can be taken, such as installing sturdy fencing (though, as the video shows, this is not always foolproof), keeping pets and children away from water bodies, and avoiding feeding alligators, which can make them lose their fear of humans.

Florida Alligator Climbs Fence: Conclusion

YouTube video

This clip is equal parts terrifying and impressive: it’s a window into the surprising agility of these ancient creatures. While it’s wise to fear these apex predators (and their climbing abilities) we should nonetheless bear in mind that at the end of the day, we’re the ones who encroached on their habitat first.

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