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Rare Footage: Wild Fox and Pet Cat Play-Date

fox and cat have play date
Image by JR Staffs Richards via YouTube

You probably watched “The Fox and the Hound” when you were little – this is another version: The Fox and the Cat. Although these two look really similar, they probably have more differences. Despite this, this video shows them having nothing but pure fun during a play date – even though they might never meet again.

Read to the end to watch the The Fox and the Cat!

Are Foxes Dangerous?

Wild red fox
Image via Depositphotos

Although fairytales and children’s stories may make us think otherwise, foxes are generally not dangerous to humans or pets like cats and dogs. If anything, we should count ourselves really lucky if we get to spot this iconically ginger feline in real life. 

Also, they’re not really fearsome predators. Their diet mainly consists of rodents, insects, and occasionally, fruit, making them less of a threat than often perceived.

Fox Vs. Cat: How Much Do They Differ?

ginger cat
Playful ginger cat. Image via Depositphotos

Initially, you might find foxes and cats really similar – if you look quickly a fox kind of just looks like a large ginger cat

But did you know that foxes are actually more like dogs than cats? Belonging to the Canidae family, share more traits with dogs than felines. Their social structures, hunting techniques, and vocalizations differ significantly. Cats, on the other hand, are solitary hunters and rely heavily on stealth and surprise.

Their Iconic Laugh

red fox
A Red Fox’s tail is over half its body length. Image by Alejandro Contreras via Unsplash

Foxes are famous for making sounds almost identical to that of a human laughing.

This “laugh” sort of sounds like a chuckle or a series of quick, sharp barks. While animals don’t really find things funny the way we humans do, their laugh still serves the important purpose of: 

  • Social bonding 
  • Play behavior 
  • Showing excitement 

The Video: Wild Fox and Pet Cat Have a Play Date

YouTube video
“fox and cat playing together”, Source: YouTube, Uploaded: JR Staffs Richards

Wrapping Up

baby fox
Image by JakubMrocek via Depsoitphotos

This cute little insight to an unexpected playdate shows two very different species not only tolerating each other but actually getting along quite well. Although it comes as a surprise to me that foxes are actually more closely related to dogs than cats, these two still strike me as an adorable friendship duo.

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