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Snake Infested with Over 500 Ticks Found in Australian Swimming Pool

snake infested by ticks
Image by Gold Coast and Brisbane Snake Catcher via Facebook

Although Australian wildlife is notorious for being outrageous and frightening at times, this sight is unusual for even the most rugged Aussie. A family found a snake in their swimming pool – which on its own isn’t all that rare. The fact that this snake was infested by over 500 ticks was a never-before-seen experience, though.

Read to the end to watch the footage!

Why Snakes Seek Out Swimming Pools

carpet python
Carpet python – Morelia spilota variegata. Image via Depositphotos

Snakes are ectothermic animals – this means that they rely on external sources to regulate their body temperature. So during scorching Australian summer days, they desperately need water to cool down.

Consequently, swimming pools, with their cool water, offer an attractive refuge for snakes. Sadly, though, pools pose significant risks to snakes, including the danger of chlorine exposure and the potential for human encounters.

The True Vampires of the Animal Kingdom

this tick can cause red meat allergy
Image via Depositphotos

Ticks, the true vampires of the animal kingdom, are parasitic arachnids that feed on the blood of their hosts.

They attach themselves to the skin of mammals, birds, and even reptiles, using specialized mouthparts to pierce the skin and suck blood.

In doing so, they can transmit diseases. In large numbers, like the poor snake in the video, can cause significant health issues for their hosts, including anemia and infections.

Ticks: One of Few Threats to Snakes?

this tick can cause red meat allergy
Image via Depositphotos

While snakes are usually at the top of any food chain, that doesn’t make them untouchable. Despite being excellent predators they are not immune to the threats posed by parasites like ticks.

In extreme cases, such as the snake found in the Australian swimming pool, tick infestations can weaken a snake’s immune system, lead to blood loss, and even death if untreated. This incident highlights the vulnerability of snakes to parasitic infections, challenging our view of them as invulnerable predators.

The Removal Process

Python's Breakfast on the Rooftop
Close-up shot of a Carpet python, Queensland, Australia. Image via Depositphotos

After being caught (or rescued, depending on how you see it) the snake was taken to a wildlife centre. Here, multiple vets worked together, taking hours to remove the ticks. Although they weren’t able to get every single one, they counted 511 ticks when they were finished.

How To Keep Snakes Away From Your Pool 

Image by Timothy Dykes via Unsplash

While this snake didn’t really pose any danger because of it weakened state, it’s definitely in your best intrest to keep snakes out of your garden and pool. 

You can install snake-proof fencing, keep the pool area clean of food scraps that might attract animals that snakes prey on, and maintain a well-trimmed lawn.

That being said, remember that snakes play an important role in the ecosystem, and that technically we’re the ones intruding on their habitat.

The Footage

YouTube video
“Watch: Python riddled with over 500 ticks found in Australian swimming pool”, Source: YouTube, Uploaded: Euronews

Even if you’re not a fan of snakes (like me), we can admit to feeling sorry for this poor creature and relieved of this successful rescue mission. While snakes often scare people, this illustrates that even they have their weaknesses.

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