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Sneaky Elephant Steals Dad’s Hat on Safari

elephant steals hat
Image by arkmediauk via YouTube

Elephants are almost as cheeky as they are big – this dad falls victim to an elephant prank and gets his hat stolen.

“He knocks the man’s cap off”, Source: YouTube, Uploaded: arkmediauk

How Sensitive Is an Elepehant’s Trunk?

The elephant’s trunk is probably the most “elephant” thing about an elephant – can you even image one without a trunk? 

A trunk amazing consists of over 40,000 muscles – no wonder it’s extraordinarily sensitive and dexterous. Elephants can detect sizes, shapes, and the textures of objects, making it possible for them to perform delicate tasks like stealing a hat. 

A Trunc-Tastic Tool

Elephant showing off their trunk. Image by Davide Clode via Unsplash

An elephant basically needs its trunk for everything that they do in order to survive. There’s basically no thing that its fantastic trunk can’t do. 

The trunk serves as a multi-tool for elephants, essential for breathing, smelling, touching, grasping, and producing sound. As their most versatile organ, it helps them to feed by picking up food, which can range from heavy fruit to tiny blades of grass. 

Is It Safe to Travel In an Open-Roof Safari Jeep?

Elephant walking in grass
Elephant walking in the long grass. Image Via Depositphotos

Traveling in an open-roof safari jeep allows for unobstructed views and close encounters with wildlife, which can be thrilling – and is after all the purpose of a safari. 

At the same time, it’s not entirely risk free. Elephants are massive animals, and hat this elephant been in an angry mood it could’ve caused some serious harm. 

That being said, I’d say that it’s a risk worth taking because of the amazing wildlife experience you’ll have. 

Elephant Steals Dad’s Hat: Wrapping Up

Elephants are the largest land animals to walk on Earth, and while they demand respect at all times, cute videos like this one remind us what cheeky creatures they can be.

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