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Traffic on Colorado Highway Caused by Angry Elk Ramming Cars

elk ramming cars

Traffic jams are a common sight, but what’s not so common is them being caused by an angry elk ramming cars! From afar these animals are romantic woodland creatures, but when their huge antlers threaten to break your car window they are suddenly much less cute.

Angry Elk Ramming Cars: The Video

The video captures a bull elk during its mating season, using its large antlers to hit cars, which could potentially lead to a really dangerous situation if it breaks a car window.

To ensure the safety of the elk (and themselves), the cars have to significantly slow down which causes a major traffic jam on this busy highway. That being said, we should remember that we’re the ones who are trespassing on the elk’s natural habitat.

The Purpose of Antlers During the Breeding Season

Elk antlers are not just for show; they play a critical role during the breeding season. Bull elks use their antlers to demonstrate dominance and to catch the attention of females. These impressive structures are used in battles against rival males. Strength and stamina decide the victor, and, consequently, the right to mate.

The heightened aggression and display of power seen in the Estes Park incident are typical behaviors of elks during this period.

How Strong Are Their Antlers?

Elk antlers are incredibly strong, capable of withstanding intense combat. Made of bone, these antlers can grow up to an inch per day during the summer! In other words, it’s one of the fastest-growing animal tissues.

Mature bull elks can have antlers spanning over four feet, weighing up to 40 pounds.

This strength and size enable them to engage in fierce battles and, as seen in the Estes Park video, even challenge large objects like vehicles.

Elks in Estes Park

Estes Park is renowned for its thriving elk population, proving its successful wildlife management and conservation efforts. From the initial reintroduction of around 49 elk in 1913, the population has grown substantially. Today, Estes Park and the surrounding Rocky Mountain National Park are home to an estimated 600 to 800 elk.

Are Bull Elks Dangerous?

While not typically aggressive towards humans, bull elks can be dangerous during the breeding season. Their increased aggression, driven by the need to assert dominance and mate, can lead to unpredictable behavior – as seen in the video.

The angry bull elk ramming a car illustrates their strength and potential for harm, especially if they feel threatened or provoked.

Angry Elk Ramming Cars: Conclusion

The video from Estes Park serves as a powerful reminder of the beauty and challenges of living alongside wildlife. Understanding elk behavior, especially during the breeding season, is crucial for ensuring the safety of both humans and animals.

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