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Wedding Vows Interrupted by Bear Killing Moose

bear killing moose

This couple’s special day became a memorable one for everyone involved, but not quite for the intended reasons. They wanted a beautiful backdrop of nature but got a bit more than they bargained for; their wedding vows were interrupted by nothing less than a bear killing a moose.

Not the most romantic sight, but probably a once-in-a-lifetime kind of thing?

bear killing moose
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A Brutal Reminder of the Harsh Laws of Nature

Nature’s laws are unforgiving. While they may seem harsh, they are absolutely necessary.

This scene of a grizzly bear killing a moose during a wedding ceremony illustrates this perfectly. The laws of nature of course cannot take our trivial human rituals into account.

In the wild, survival often means predation. Although brutal to witness, it is a natural part of the ecosystem. Grizzly bears, known for their formidable strength, must engage in such acts to sustain themselves, especially when preparing for hibernation or feeding their young.

Are Moose a Frequent Part of Bears’ Diet?

Grizzly bears have a varied diet, but moose form a significant part of it, especially in regions where these animals coexist.

Moose, being large and nutritionally rich, provide a substantial meal for a bear. However, hunting a moose is no small feat due to their size and strength. It’s most frequent in spring and early summer when moose calves are more vulnerable.

Adult moose are less frequently preyed upon due to their formidable size and the risks involved in hunting them.

Defensive Tactics of Moose

Moose, despite their large size and seemingly slow demeanor, have developed various defensive tactics to evade predators like bears.

They are surprisingly fast and agile, capable of running at speeds up to 35 mph. Their strong legs not only aid in swift movement but can also deliver powerful kicks to deter predators. Furthermore, moose are excellent swimmers, which can be an advantage in escaping.

Bear Killing Moose During Wedding Vows: The Video

YouTube video

The video, although focused primarily on the wedding, captures a brief yet intense moment of a grizzly bear attacking a moose.

Videographer Stanton Giles, hired to film the wedding, made a professional decision to keep his camera on the bride and groom. However, as soon as the vows had been exchanged he panned to the intense wildlife clash happening behind the shocked couple.

Moose Vs. Elk: What’s the Difference?

While moose and elk are often confused, they are distinct species with several differences.

Moose are larger, with males weighing up to 1,500 pounds, compared to elk, which weigh around 700-800 pounds. Moose have broader, palmate antlers, while elk have pointed, branching antlers. Additionally, moose prefer solitary living in forested and wet areas. In contrast, the elk is more social and often found in open woodlands and meadows.

Where Does the Name “Moose” Come From?

The name “moose” has an intriguing origin, derived from the Algonquian languages of Native Americans. It translates to “he strips off,” referring to the way moose strip bark from trees. This name reflects the deep connection and understanding Native Americans had with the wildlife and their environment.

Bear Killing Moose: Conclusion

YouTube video

This couple didn’t quite get the wedding backdrop that they bargained for, but it was nonetheless an extremely memorable one. In fact, I think that it’s a reminder of the harsh laws of nature and the fragility of life could be a beautiful, although brutal, reminder to enjoy every moment of life.

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