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Watch: The First Year of a Tiger Cub’s Life

baby tiger
SIBERIAN TIGER panthera tigris altaica, CUB CALLING FOR MOTHER. Image by slowmotiongli via

Watch as Dash, the cutest tiger cub, explores and experiences life for the first time! From opening his eyes to exploring the snow and his first birthday party. The first year of the tiger cub Dash’s life has been captured in this heartwarming video!

Seeing the World For the First Time

tiger cub
Image by Flydragonfly via

Dash was welcomed to his new home at a mere two weeks old, and weighing only 4.2 pounds. Here, his caretakers provided him with affection and the care he needed from the moment of his arrival. He finally saw his caretakers who had been showering him with love when he opened his eyes for the first time at 10 days old.

Baby Steps

Tiger cub portrait. Tiger playing around (Panthera tigris). Image via

Around two weeks old, Dash took his first steps, an activity that took a lot of energy for this tiger cub! Spending his days playing with his toys and observing the world, he started to become a bit more independent around 30 days old. Climbing and walking to where he wants to be all by himself. 

Exploring the Outdoors

tiger cub
Siberian Tiger Cub In Snow. Image by michalzak via

When he was around 2 months old, Dash the tiger cub experienced the outdoors for the first time. The way he treads carefully over the snow-covered ground and instinctively sharpens his claws on a tree is an endearing sight. Dash plays outside often, with his caretakers’ supervision, of course, to get used to the big world. He even had his first swim, which he loved, as tigers are known to be fond of water! 

Joyful Moments Shared

tiger cub
Young Siberian/Bengal tiger, captive. Image by via

Through the first year of his life, we can see Dash not only growing up but enjoying his life! Sharing in experiences such as Halloween where he got to roll around his pumpkin, swim often, and play with the abundance of toys he has!

The Video

YouTube video
A Year In The Life Of A Baby Tiger. Source: Youtube, Uploaded: The Dodo.


Tiger cub
Image by metalmaus via

We rarely have the opportunity to see a wild animal grow up, and this video allows us a glimpse into the life of Dash the tiger cub! The love between Dash and his caretakers is just further proof that animals are capable of sharing strong bonds with humans, and it is undeniably heartwarming to watch! 

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