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Watch: Woman Catches 50-Pound Burmese Python in Florida

woman catches python
Image by Quick Catch via YouTube

Florida is a state known for having wildlife that’s a bit on the wilder side. It’s not unusual for Florida residents to have exotic pets, and it also isn’t unusual for them to escape. That’s what’s suspected in this case, at least, after this woman catches a massive Burmese Python.

The Largest Snake in the Whole World

burmese python
Image by Diego Madrigal via Pexels

Although the snake that they’ve caught in the video is huge, it’s still a baby-size in comparison to the sizes this species can reach.

Burmese pythons are among the largest snakes in the world, capable of reaching lengths of up to 23 feet and weighing over 200 pounds. However, it is more common to find them in the range of 16 to 20 feet long in the wild.

Are Burmese Pythons Dangerous?

While not inherently aggressive towards humans, the size and strength of Burmese pythons make them dangerous, especially to pets and small children.

The issue is more to do with local wildlife. Seeing as the Burmese Python is not a native species in Florida, it will completely disrupt the ecosystem when it starts snacking away (which it will, because here it barely has any natural predators.)

The Footage: Woman Catches Burmese Python

YouTube video
“Girl Catches Huge Burmese Python”, Source: YouTube, Uploaded: Quick Catch

The video shows a team of snake catchers who have been called to the scene by an extremely worried neighbor. Although they know that they snake is hiding in the drainage pipe, they have no idea what kind of snake it is before the woman catches it.

They pull the snake out and, to their surprise, realize that this is a Burmese Python – the largest snake species in the world.

Why You Should Call Professional Snake Catchers

To catch asnake in a (relatively) safe way, it’s crucial you have proper equipment and lots of experience – both of which a snake catcher will have.

Even if you’re feeling brave, it’s never worth the risk of trying to do it yourself. Perhaps what’s most important is that snake catchers know what to do with the snake once its caught (because remember – they still demand respect and need a new home that they’ll like.)

Woman Catches 50-Pound Burmese Python: Wrapping Up

burmese python in florida
Close up of a burmese python on the ground. Image via Depositphotos

If you’re not a professional it’s difficult to identify what kind of snake might be hiding in your yard, and if you live in Florida it might just be the largest snake species in the whole world.

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