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A place like no other. Africa is a wonderful place for nature and wildlife. There is an abundance of wild Animals that are magnificent to beautiful to observe.

Africa is one of the most diverse places on Earth. It has 54 countries, with each country differing from its neighbors in culture and natural beauty!

From The Serengeti to Cape Town; you’re sure find something that will take your breath away.

The vast, unmatched beauty of Africa is a true gift from God. The continent holds many countries with rich traditions and diverse cultures that have been passed down through generations; it’s no wonder then why people are so passionate about traveling there!

I’d love to see all these places for myself one day – maybe even live among them as well?

Animals in Africa

Welcome to Animals in Africa.  Africa has a few distinct sorts of natural surroundings from wildernesses and woodlands to prairies and deserts. The second-biggest landmass after Asia, it is home to numerous lovely and hazardous creatures of different sizes, both diurnal and nighttime. These incorporate warm blooded animals, reptiles, birds, and bugs, with many being …

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10 Best African Countries for Safari: Must visits

For the best guide, we’ve found the 10 Best African Countries for Safari to focus on for new safari travelers who want to see and do as much as possible! Venturing out into the wilderness to witness wildlife is always an amazing experience. Whether you go with your friends or families; the thrill remains the …

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The 5 Best Places to See African Wild Dogs

Are you looking for The 5 Best Places to See African Wild Dogs? We collected everything on “Where to see African Wild Dogs”! African Wild dogs are admired all around the world for their beautiful colours and their exceptional hunting techniques. These dogs are very special to see in the wild, if you’d like to …

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The Spectacular: Kruger National Park

Have you ever heard about the Kruger National Park? Or even luckier- have you ever been yourself? This is one of South Africa’s national treasures. A spectacular piece of land totally protected and roamed by Africa’s most incredible animals. The Big 5, amongst many more, reside in this wild and wonderful place, and the diverse …

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