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Animals That Start With F

Welcome to animals that start with F.

How many animals can you name that start with F? If you can’t get up to twenty animals, then you’re in the right place.

Here, we have listed animals that start with F for your consumption. Let’s get to them.

Overview of animals that start with F

Fallow Deer

False Widow Spiders

Fangtooth Fish

Fennec Fox


Fiddler Crab

Fin whale

Fire Salamander

Fire-bellied toad


Fisher Cat



Florida Gar


Flying Fish

Freshwater Crocodile

Frilled Lizard


Fruit Fly

1. Fallow Deer

Fallow Deer - animals that start with f

The Fallow Deer is native to Europe, Asia Minor, and North Africa. However, they have been introduced as game animals to many other parts of the world.

Fallow deers are reared not just for their meat but also for the velvet on male antlers. It is said to have medicinal properties.

Fun Fact: Fallow deers have spots even when fully grown.

2. False Widow Spiders

False Widow Spiders

These Spiders are usually mistaken for Black Widows, hence the name. But they are pretty harmless. These spiders originated from the Canary Islands and Madeira but have found their way worldwide.

Fun Fact: False Widow Spiders might benefit humans, as they eat household pests.

3. Fangtooth Fish

Fangtooth Fish - animals that start with f

The Fangtooth Fish isn’t winning any beauty contests anytime soon. It has a grotesque look and oversized teeth. But those features are what enable it to survive in the deep twilight zone.

These vicious fish are only about six inches long.

Fun Fact: Fangtooth Fish’s lower Jaws are so large that it had to evolve special sockets to accommodate them.

4. Fennec Fox

Fennec Fox

These small foxes make their home in the deserts of Northern Africa. They have huge ears that help them regulate heat and also detect prey.

Thanks to these ears and their small size, Fennec foxes make cute pets.

Fun Fact: Fennec foxes are the smallest species of fox in the world.

5. Ferret

Ferret - animals that start with f

Ferrets are carnivorous animals with long, slender bodies and short legs. These animals have been used for hunting rodents like mice and rats for centuries.

Humans can train ferrets to do tricks, and as such, they make good pets.

Fun Fact: Ferrets have a very high heart rate of 200 to 250 beats per minute.

6. Fiddler Crab

Fiddler Crab - animals that start with f

Fiddler crabs are a species that can live both in the sea and on land. Their habitats may include saltwater bodies or estuaries.

Their name comes from the males’ fiddling motion while counting a mate. One noticeable feature of the males is the enlarged claw.

Fun Fact: Female Fiddler crabs pick a mate based on the size of the enlarged claw and the male’s fiddling display.

7. Fin whale

Fin whales - animals that start with f

Fin whales are some of the largest animals on earth. However, their size doesn’t hinder them, as they can maintain 25 miles per hour speeds.

Despite their size, Fin whales don’t eat other animals. Instead, they are filter feeders.

Fun Fact: Fin whales can be found in many oceans of the world because they migrate all year round.

8. Fire Salamander

Fire Salamander

These animals were once thought to be born from fire, and that’s where the name comes from. Their bright colors are indicative of the poison in their skin.

Thanks to their bright colors and large size, Fire Salamanders are usually kept as pets.

Fun Fact: Fire Salamanders give birth to their young alive.

9. Fire-bellied toad

Fire-bellied toad - animals that start with f

You can find the Fire-bellied toad in parts of China, North and South Korea, and Russia. These tiny amphibians can live for 12-15 years in the wild.

The poison on their skin deters predators while they eat insects, snails, and plant materials.

Fun Fact: Fire-bellied Toads catch prey with their mouths instead of a sticky tongue.

10. Firefly

Firefly - animals that start with f

Anyone that has watched a single Disney princess movie knows about fireflies. Yes, they do produce light from their bodies. And they do other things than fly around couples during romantic moments.

Fun Fact: Firefly bioluminescence is very effective, as nearly 96% of the reaction’s energy is turned to light.

11. Fisher Cat

FIsher Cat

Funny story: the Fisher Cat neither eats fish nor is a cat. Instead, it’s called that because of its resemblance to the European polecat.

Fun Fact: This is one of the few animals that can prey on porcupines successfully.

12. Flamingo

Flamingo - animals that start with f

These beautiful water birds have pink feathers and long spindly legs. They have webbed feet that enable them to move across water bodies.

Fun Fact: When Flamingos sleep, they balance on a single leg.

13. Flea

Flea - animals that start with f

Pet owners probably see these insects in their nightmares. These pests transmit a lot of diseases with their bites.

Fun Fact: Fleas can jump nearly seven inches high.

14. Florida Gar

Florida gar

As the name suggests, this gar is usually found in Florida. It has a long narrow body and sharp teeth. It also has gulls that can double as lungs to help it breathe air.

Fun Fact: The Florida Gar survives the dry season by burrowing into the sediments and slowing its metabolism.

15. Flounder


The Flounder is a popular bottom-dwelling fish that captures prey by ambushing. These fishes are a famous cuisine, and as such, are in danger of reducing population.

Fun Fact: Some Flounders can even change colors to better blend into their surroundings.

16. Flying Fish

Flying fish - animals that start with f

Yes, this fish flies. The pectoral fins of these fishes are modified to serve as wings. They enable them to leap out of the water and glide. This helps them escape predators.

Fun Fact: Flying fish can glide for more than 650 feet.

17. Freshwater Crocodile

Freshwater Crocodile

The freshwater crocodile is not a danger to humans. That might be a shock, but saltwater crocodiles are the dangerous ones.

Fun Fact: Sexual maturity in freshwater crocodiles is achieved once they reach 4.9 feet long.

18. Frilled Lizard

Frilled Lizard

The Frilled Lizard looks scary. Thanks to the frill around its neck, which it raises when threatened. But there’s no need to worry, as it isn’t poisonous.

Fun Fact: Frilled lizards are usually kept as exotic pets, but they’d need a lot of care.

19. Frogfish

Frogfish - animals that start with f

Frogfishes are scaleless and are found in the deeper parts of the ocean. They stay motionless and use lures to draw in prey, then strike in milliseconds.

Fun Fact: Frogfishes don’t swim. Instead, they propel themselves with water from openings in their gills.

20. Fruit Fly

 Fruit Flies - animals that start with f

These tiny flies can usually be found around decomposing fruit, meat, and organic materials. They typically live for about 25-50 days.

Fun Fact: Fruit flies can beat their wings up to 250 times in a second.

Summary of animals that start with F

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And we’ve gotten to the end of the list. We hope you love it. Now hasten to this list of animals that start with D. A lot of fun animals await.